BF 7 Covid Variant; Symptoms, What we know so far?

BF 7 Covid Variant: A new wave of Corona is forwarding towards the world and information so far tells us how inevitable it is. The BF.7 Covid Variant has brought a surge in the most populated county of the world, China. Do people fear if their lives will ever completely recover from the outcomes of Covid-19? Here’s all you need to know about the BF.7 Covid Variant that has led China into a swamp of Covid Affected people like 2019 all over again.

BF.7 Covid Variant

BF.7 Covid Variant

China, Japan, Korea, Brazil and USA have been under the radar of BF.7 Covid Variant affected countries lately. A largely affected country is claimed to be China because of its “zero-COVID policy” which we shall discuss later. BF.7 Covid Variant has entered the dominion of India and the Indians should be careful because this variant of Covid can sometimes be asymptomatic. The cases discovered were not expected to be of covid until the tests were positive and scared even the medical examiners after knowing it was BF.7.

BF.7 is a subvariant of the Omnicron variant of Covid-19. It was first discovered in October in India. India has dealt with this irresistible variant a lot better than other countries. According to the information, the Indian population, which was already exposed to the other variant such as alpha, delta and omicron etc; has developed better immunity. Even, multiple doses of vaccination have been so helpful for aged people. The reason for India’s better control over BF.7 can be credited to the fact that 87.7% of Indians have been fully vaccinated and more than 2 crores have got the booster shot as well.

Read this tweet to know what the government suggests the people be on full guard against this virus. Four cases in India can multiply soon, therefore it becomes our duty to keep ourselves safe taking precautions is a lot better than looking for a cure.

Symptoms of BF.7 New Covid Variant

This is a lot different than the variants previously discovered. Its detection is not so easy as the patient might be asymptomatic. The BF.7 symptoms may include a cold, rhinitis, fatigue, body ache and fever. Mainly the symptoms include respiratory infections with mild symptoms. Even though the mortality rate is low in this variant, the only thing that scares is the transmission rate of BF.7. Diarrhoea and indigestion might also be included in some rare cases.

Remember, the time it takes to make its effect on the patient is also less, creating a low incubation period. If someone has been infected, they might start showing symptoms the very next morning.

The transmission rate of BF 7 Covid Variant

BF.7 has been considered the most dangerous of all due to its unique nature of transmission. Firstly, this virus has a very fast transmission rate which means if an infected person is exposed he/she has a tendency of infected even 18 people. The surge that this variant will bring with itself would be a wildfire if the 2020 lockdown was not.

This variant is said to be less deadly but its exceptional transferable rate is not safe for those who are already suffering from serious diseases and aged people can also be caught in this death trap. The young healthy souls might just feel a swift blow of inconvenience because of BF.7 but remember, we all have someone who could be fragile to the virus you carry with yourself

People Affected so far by the BF.7 Covid Variant

In India so far, three cases have been discovered in the Ahmedabad and Vadodra districts of Gujarat according to the information provided by the health officials of the state. Note that in the Vadodra case, the patient was an NRI from the United States of America in the month of November. A case was also brought up by the Odisha government regarding the discovery of a patient with a BF.7 variant.

BF7 deaths

COVID XXB Variant Viral News

There has been a circulation of fake viral news regarding a new variant of coronavirus which is the deadliest of all. This viral message is misleading and unrecognised by any of the authorities. The government has requested to not pay any heed to all such rumours. The XXB variant, according to the viral WhatsApp message, is very fast transmitting and is asymptomatic, meaning it can’t be detected very easily. According to the circulating fake news, the XXB variant was claimed to have a very large mortality rate than the delta virus. This has created panic among the people as they worry if they will be able to get treatment for some disease which is not even caught easily.

Such rumours should simply be ignored. It is advised to follow the authorised information and turn a blind eye to these viral circulating messages.

China’s war with the BF.7 Covid Variant

Even though it is rather plain that China has been hiding the actual effects due to covid since 2020, they still try to fool the world with the fake numbers of covid cases. So far, the Chinese government claims to have reported approximately 5000 deaths of omicron-infected people but the actual numbers might be a lot more than what can be predicted from the sudden medicinal shortage in the country. The locals claim that nearly 10-20 dead bodies are being cremated daily since the strict rules were uplifted in China.

China has been under complete lockdown since 2020, 90% of the Chinese population had been vaccinated, but they were not allowed to be out due to the zero-COVID policy. These people did not go through the surge of alpha, delta and other Omnicron viruses, and their immunity was compromised. The sudden exposure to the BF.7, the most transmitting of all the other variants, has left china in a very complicated situation. The experts make a prediction of no less than a million deaths due to this variant in China alone.

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FAQs Related to BF.7 Covid Variant

Is BF.7 deadliest?

BF.7 might not have that high mortality rate but the transfer rate is very of this variant of Omnicron.

How many cases of BF.7 Covid Variant have been detected in India so far?

In India, so far 4 cases of the BF.7 variant of covid have been detected in Gujarat and Orisha.

Is BF.7 variant the deadliest of all?

This variant is said to be less deadly but its exceptional transferable rate is not safe for those who are already suffering from serious diseases or aged people who do not have strong immunity.

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