Holi 2023 Date in India, Panchang Timing, Shubh Muhurat

Holi 2023 Date in India: In this vibrant country where every day is a celebration in itself, the festival of colours is the most awaited one. The colourful streets, kids laughing and running around and the smell of Gujia from the kitchen remind us of what it feels like to be alive. Since it is once in a year event, everybody desperately looks forward to painting colours of each other’s cheeks. The Festival of Holi according to the Hindu Panchang (Calender) is marked on the 8th day in the month of March 2023. Scroll down for the timings and Subh Muharata of performing the puja on the Holika Dahan Puja.

Holi 2023 Date in India

Holi 2023 Date in India

The lunar month of the Hindu pachanga marks Holika Dahan on the Purnima date of the Phalguna month (March-April). The puja process and starting of the celebration should be done according to the Muharata mentioned in the calendar. This ensures that you are making Holi an important factor in the prosperity of your birth charts (Kundli). An important note should be taken for the Holika Dahan timing because if the procedure is done at the wrong muhurta, it might result in the misfortune of the doer and people associated with that person. Therefore, if someone is planning on performing the Holika Dahan ceremony, they should understand the importance of their mistakes and should devotedly perform their duties towards God.

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Holi 2023 Date and Time of the Shubh Muhurata

According to the Panchang, the correct date for performing the Holika Dahan ceremony is one day before the date we celebrate the festival of colours. It is commonly known as “Chhoti Holi”. Therefore, this year we are to burn the Holika on the 7th of March. The proper time begins after sunset and when the moon is looming up in the dark sky. It is to be noted that since Purnima tithi (the 15th day of the lunar calendar) is always a full moon day, the night sky is bright because of it.

Panchang marks the time to burn the Holika will begin at 6:24 pm and will continue till 8:51 pm on 7th March 2023. It gives us 2 hours and 27 minutes to perform the ceremony. The following morning, 8th March, we can start playing with the colours after a short puja. The Purnima tithi of the Phalguna mas starts at 4:17 pm on 6th March and ends at 6:09 pm on 7th March. It is important to remember these timing as good deeds shouldn’t be performed during the Bhadra hours of the Purnima tithi. The reason is that instead of being beneficial, on the contrary, it will bring ill luck to the doers’ life. The Badra hours will arrive twice. The Bhadra Puncha will begin at 12.43 am till 2:01 am and Bhadra Mukha will come at 2:01 am and will end at 4:11 am on the 7th of March. Do not perform any religious deeds etc. during these are as they will cause misfortune for the rest of the year.

Purnima tithi begins4:17 pm 6th March 2023
Purnima Tithi ends6:09 pm 7th March 2023
Holika Dahan 6:24 pm- 8:51 pm7th March 2023
Holi Festival Morning 8th March 2023

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How to perform Puja in Holi 2023

To perform the Holika Dahan puja one should follow these steps:

  • One should, firstly, worship God by lighting an incense stick and Diya.
  • Now, put some offerings, including peanuts, mustard seeds, wheat, sesame seeds, sugar, and grams, to the firewood.
  • Cow dung is of particular importance so it should also be tossed.
  • Revolve around the pile of logs and chant “Om- Prhaladay-Namah” and tie it along with the help of the religious thread.
  • Some holy water from the Ganges makes the deed more pious.
  • Lit and do the parikramas (rounds) while chanting the mantra.
  • Later, in the morning, the leftover ashes are considered a symbol of purity and are used for tilak.
  • The Festival of Dhuleti, (colour Holi) according to the legends, is the rubbing of ash on each other’s bodies to celebrate the win of good over evil.

Legend of Holika

Holi Legend is associated with Lord Vishnu’s devotee, Prahalad, who was planned to be killed by his own father and aunt. Hiranyakshyapu was the evil king of the world those days. He was an enemy of Lord Vishnu. When Hiranyakshyapu went for his penance, he left his kingdom and pregnant wife unattended which resulted in the attack on his kingdom by Lord Indra’s army, another Vishnu devotee. They caught Hiranyakshaypu’s wife to make her understand Lord Vishnu’s wonders. Meanwhile, the unborn child gained all the knowledge and since birth Prahalad became Vishnu’s follower. His father, on his return, saw what Prahalad had become and the sight of his own son disgusted him. Hiranyakshyapu devised many ways to murder Prahalad but the child was always protected by his Lord.


One day, he asked his sister Holika, who was blessed with a cloak which couldn’t let her burn, to help him kill Prahalad. To fulfil her brother’s wish, wearing the cloak Holika went to the pyre with Prahalad in her arms. As she sat on the pyre, which was supposed to burn her nephew, the flames rejected to do so. Agni (fire) is said to be the element of Vishnu hence it could not burn his follower. The cloak flew away and Holika died screaming but not a scratch was seen on Prahalad’s body. From that day onwards, people celebrate the festival of Holi to rejoice in the victory of good over evil. They used the pious ash of Holika’s Dahan on their bodies for the purity of their own souls.


When do we celebrate the Dhuleti Holi in 2023?

The festival of colours is to be celebrated on the 8th of March 2023

What is the proper timing for Holika Dahan 2023?

Holika Dahan’s timings will begin at 6:24 pm and will continue till 8:51 pm.

Should I fast on Holika Dahan’s day?

People often fast during Holika Dahan’s day. If you are planning to fast you should prefer a Satvik Bhojan.

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