Naai Sekar Returns OTT Release Date, Collection, OTT Platform

Naai Sekar Returns OTT Release: The comeback movie of the iconic comedian, Vadivelu has been the most awaited one. Naai Sekar is back with more laughter and fun for his fans. Naai Sekar Returns was released in the theatres on the 9th of November 2022. Many people could not visit the theatres due to the Mandous cyclone that hit the state of Tamil Nadu on the same morning. Now, all such fans will get another opportunity to watch this movie in the comforts of their homes soon as the Naai Sekar Returns OTT Release is on its way. The Naai Sekar Returns OTT Release date and platform-related information will be provided in this article.

Naai Sekar Returns OTT Release Date

Naai Sekar Returns OTT Release date announcement has not been made right now but the film is expected to be released on Netflix, though there is no official confirmation. Naai Sekar received a collection of mixed reviews from the audience and the critics and was not able to perform satisfactorily in the theatres due to many reasons. The Mandous cyclone in Tamil Nadu is one such reason, many eager fans and target audiences were stuck inside their houses and suffered because of it and could not visit the theatres.

Naai Sekar Returns OTT Release
Film Naai Sekar Returns
CastVadivelu, Sivaangi Krishnakumar, Anand Raj, Sanjana Singh and Shivani Narayana
Theatrical Release 9th of December 2022
Director Suraj
ProducerSubaskaran Allirajah
Budget8 crore rupees
Box-Office Collection7 crore rupees
OTT Releaseto be announced
OTT PlatformNetflix (expected)

Naai Sekar Returns Movie OTT

Naai Sekar Returns marked the return of the great Tamil comic actor, Vadivelu after the lift of his ban by the Tamil film producers council. Everybody was eager for his comeback but the results seemed a bit disappointing.

Naai Sekar Return is the story of a spin-off character from the 2006 hit film, Thalai Nagaram. Back in 2006, the character Naai Sekar from the film was so loved by the audience that it helped Vadivelu gain a huge fandom. This was one of the many reasons for the anticipation of Naai Sekar Returns.

In Naai Sekar Return, Vadivelu plays the lead character of Naai Sekar who is a dog kidnapper and captures the dog of the wrong person. The man whose dog is abducted is Dass, played by Anandaraj, who is another gang leader therefore Naai Sekar has to go through a petty time for kidnapping Dass’ dog. The story takes a turn when Naai Sekar is running for his life and encounters a hungry man whom he feeds. Later, that man turns out to be a saint who blesses him with a lucky dog. Later, the dog would help him earn riches. Here onwards, the main plot begins as the question arises, will his lucky dog stay with Naai Sekar forever?

Naai Sekar OTT

Total Collection made by Naai Sekar Returns

A lot of expectations were associated with the return of the legendary comedian on the silver screens but Naai Sekar Returns could not fulfil them. The film had a tragic release on the day when a cyclone hit the shores of Tamil Nadu. The film was affected because of the natural disaster and suffered a loss as it could only make somewhat 1 crore at the box office opening.

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The film also received mixed reviews because of high expectations from the film. The screenplay was deeply questioned as the characters were not given proper screen time and the execution was terrible. By the end of the first week, the film had made a total collection of only 5 crores and the graph trends seem to be going down. The total collection as of now is estimated to be around less than 7 crore rupees, which is leading the film towards a commercial flop.

Naai Sekar Returns OTT Release

Naai Sekar Returns OTT Release can be expected after the month of January 2023 which will be the minimum gap required between the theatrical and OTT Release. As per the calculations, the film was released at the Box-Office on the 9th of December 2022 and it will complete its 8-week duration by the beginning of February 2023. Therefore, we can conclude that the Naai Sekar Returns OTT Release can be expected in February 2023.

About the OTT platform, there hasn’t been any official announcement but the rumours say that Netflix bought the streaming rights of Nai Sekar Returns and the broadcasting company SunTv managed to earn the telecast rights of the film.

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Where can I watch Naai Sekar Returns online?

You can watch Naai Sekar Returns on the OTT platform which will be announced by the makers. It is predicted that Netflix will stream Naai Sekar Returns online.

How much did Naai Sekar Returns make?

Naai Sarkar made a box office collection of 7 crores.

Is Vadivelu still banned from Tamil films?

No, the ban imposed on Vadivelu by the Tamil Film Producer council has now been removed as we can see from his upcoming film projects.

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