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Prince OTT Release: The Tamil/ Telugu film Prince is now available in Tamil, Malayam, Kannada and Telugu. It turned out as a disaster for its makers in the theatres when it was released in the month of October. Even during the festive season, it failed to attract enough audience to at least make it up for its production costs. Hence, Prince OTT Release was made sooner rather than later to cover up the losses suffered. The romantic comedy film also has Hindi language expecters who are looking forward to Prince OTT Release in Hindi.

Prince OTT Release

Prince OTT Release Date

Prince made its OTT Premieres on 25th November 2022 but the language barrier is rising up for those who do not understand south Indian languages. The film was released in Disney+Hotstar in 4 south Indian languages. Starring Sivakarthikeyan and Maria Ryaboshapka (Ukrainian actress) in lead roles, Prince is a story of an Indian guy who falls in love with a foreigner and the hurdles they need to go through for their union. Prince received numerous mixed reviews but the majority were negative and it can be made out of its commercial failure.

CastSivakarthikeyan, Maria Ryaboshapka and Sathyaraj
DirectorAnudeep K V
Original LanguageTamil
Theatrical Release21st of October 2022
Budget55 crore rupees
Box-Office Collection30 Crore rupees
OTT Release25th of November 2022
OTT PlatformDisney+Hotstar
Prince film

Story of Prince Movie

Prince is a story of an Indian guy whose name is Anabarasan. Anabarasan is a school teacher who meets another female English teacher who is basically from a British background. He immediately falls in love with a British teacher, named Jessica. She also falls head over heels at the same time but their families follow different cultures and do not approve of their affair. The historical event of British ruling Indians for 200 years is also an underplot of the film.

The couple has to go through social stigma and past grudges of the families to make their love fit in according to society. They not only have their own family to impress but also the whole town they live in, to make them believe that their relationship is worth it. Apart from the cultural differences based on their country, the film is quite plain and has an obvious theme. It is no wonder why the film did not succeed in making a mark upon people’s hearts.

The film is full of humour and one-liners but they only hold up the audience enough to make it to the end of the film. Prince is 2 hours and 8 minutes long with few surprise elements and a poor screenplay.

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Box-Office Collection made by Prince Movie

Prince turned out to be an over-hyped film as it made 8 crores on its opening day and the graph goes down very drastically as word of mouth spread. As the days passed, only in the first week the halls had started getting vacant. According to the reports, by the end of week one, the per-day collection turned out to be even less than one lakh in the state of Tamil Nadu.

Yet, Anudeep K V is a big name in Andhra Pradesh and Telugu-speaking cities. Therefore, the performance was much better as compared to Tamil Nadu. Telugu screenings were yet much earning and the audience loved the humour-based romance of an Indian man and a British-descended girl. A lot was expected from a film starring the Kollywood superstar, Sivakarthikeyan but it disappointed the audience. The opening day made everybody believe that the film was much-awaited, but it did not do justice to its fans.

Jessica and Anbu

Prince OTT Release

Prince OTT Release might bring back better reviews than the box-office ones as it is available not only in Tamil and Telugu but also in Malayalam and Kannada. All of the south Indian audience had been looking forward to its OTT release so that they could watch their favourite superstar in the comforts of their own homes. The film did not do well in the theatres but the fans were already excited about the film. Those who did not wish to spend their time and money in the theatres, to watch Sivakarthikeyan flatter over a British girl, are all happy now as they get to see this on their mobile phones and TV.

Prince OTT Release rights were earned by none other than the famous Disney+Hotstar. Prince premiered on the 25th of November 2022 on the OTT platform and people are now enjoying the laughter-filled romance comfortably. Those who wish to watch the film in Hindi might have to wait for the official announcement by the makers. Regarding the Hindi dubbed version of the film, any update hasn’t been made as of now.

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What is the Prince OTT Release Date?

Prince was released on Disney+Hotstar on the 25th of November 2022.

Is the film Prince available in Hindi?

For now, Prince is not available in Hindi on the OTT platform. The information regarding the same will be posted as soon as the official announcement is made.

Is Prince a flop?

The Tamil-Telugu film Prince turned out to be a commercial flop and the makers had to suffer huge losses.

Is the movie Prince available in Malayalam?

Yes, the film Prince is available in Malayalam on Disney+Hostar.

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