Rick and Morty Season 7 Release Date, Trailer, Episodes

Rick and Morty Season 7: “Rick and Morty” has its own fan base, which can be seen from the fact that it has been on air since 2013 and after almost 10 years people are still craving more adventures of Rick and Morty. Season 6, which was released on Netflix on the 4th of September 2022, has been rated the second most viewed program, taking sports as an exception. Fans are now desperate for Rick and Morty Season 7. Creators have issued a statement regarding the release of Rick and Morty Season 7, read further to know more.

Rick and Morty Season 7 Release Date, Trailer, Episodes

According to the reports, Rick and Morty Season 7 is still under making and will soon be made available for the audience. The confirmation regarding the Rick and Morty Season 7 was made by the creator Harmon in an interview when he said that they will be releasing a season per year. This is the happiest news for a Rick and Morty fan to hear as the seasons were often delayed and the viewers had to wait a lot. Regarding the release date of Rick and Morty Season 7, check out the table below:

Show Rick and Morty
Streaming Platform Netflix
NetworkAdult Swim
GenreSci-fi, sit-com, animation
CastRick, Morty, Summer, Beth and Jerry
CreatorsJustin Roiland and Dan Harmon
Season 1 (was premiered on)2nd of December 2013
Season 6 (streaming since)4th of September 2022
Season 7 (release date)to be announced

Rick and Morty Sit-Com

Adult Swim started this uniquely themed situation comedy back in 2013 with not many expectations from Roiland and Harmon. Surprisingly, the audience loved it so much that by the end of the third season the viewers of AS increased by 80% and hence began the journey. Rick and Morty is a story of an alcoholic scientist and his grandson who travel across dimensions and different realities. Rick, the scientist has a manipulative way of convincing his not-so-adventurous grandson, Morty to be his companion in the multiversal travels.

In its 10-year history, “Rick and Morty” has released six seasons and 61 episodes each worth 22 minutes duration. The voices of Rick and Morty both are dubbed by their own maker Justin Roiland. The versatility of Roiland can be seen from the fact that he not only plays the character of a drunk scientist but at the same time plays for his adolescent grandson with cracking vocals.


Rick and Morty Season 7

Rick and Morty Season 7 is much anticipated by its fans as the ending of season 6 was made curious enough. Season 6 of Rick and Morty ends with Rick ridiculing the fact that they will search for Rick Prime in the multiverse. This makes the viewers even more desperate for the new season as the multiversal story is always so much fun in the Rick and Morty show.

The announcement regarding the annual release of every season of Rick and Morty was made in 2021 when season 5 premiered. After one year, we saw season 6 in September 2022 so there is a high hope that creators will keep to their promise and will release Rick and Morty Season 7 next year, probably by September.

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Rick and Morty Season 7 Episodes and Trailer

Rick and Morty season 7 has a whole year to release but we can expect it to be back with 10 episodes of ultimate fun as usual. The trailer or the stills from the show has not yet been posted but the fans are curious. The teaser is expected to be released after the new year when season 6 is received by the audience thoroughly.

The character expected to be seen in season 7 will be known as soon as the trailer is released by the makers. The most interesting theme of season 7 will be the quest of finding Rick Prime as Rick and Morty unite together for their interdimensional journey.

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FAQs Related to Rick and Morty Season 7

Where can I watch Rick and Morty?

Rick and Morty seasons 1-4 are available on HULU and HBO but to watch the whole show we have Netflix.

When will Rick and Morty Season 7 be released?

Rick and Morty Season 7 will is expected to be released on September 2023. The official date has not been announced as of yet.

Is the trailer for Rick and Morty season 7 out?

No, the trailer has not been released for Rick and Morty season 7 yet.

When and where was the show Rick and Morty first released?

The show Rick and Morty was first released on 2nd December 2013 in Adult Swim, a night-time programming block.

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